DXpedition to Lampedusa Island

Welcome to the IG9Y Lampedusa Island 2013 DXpedition website. The website continues to be updated as the DXpedition planning and execution takes place.

The Lampedusa 2013 DXpedition is comprised of an international team from 7 countries. We will be on the air October l 17 thru October 30, 2013 running 4 stations on 160M through 6 , 4 , 2 M (SSB/CW/RTTY).



Team :

  • JH5GHM  Katsuhiro  “Don” Kondou
  • S54W    Peter Bogdan
  • N3BNA   Dale Long
  • S52RU   Romeo Rabic
  • PC5A     Aurelio Bellussi
  • S59A   Drago Turin
  • S57UN      Renato Lang
  • LZ1QN     Boyko Iliev
  • PE1ITR  Rob Hardenberg
  • RT4RO  Igor Vachevsky
  • HA1YA  Gabor Draskovits
  • S50X Silvo Obrul
  • S57DX Slavko Celarc
  • RC0F Vlad Sitnikov
  • VE3LA Konstantin Kovalenko

Donations are more than welcome !

We ask you to help, if possible, our expedition with a financial contribution or ham-radio  equipment.  For each QSO we’ll send a QSL card via the bureau, except those requested  direct. We’ll send articles about the expedition to ham-radio magazines  with a list of sponsors that have helped  our expedition

None of the donated funding will go to any individual member of the team; members are paying all of their own travel, accommodation, insurance and food costs and are making a substantial contribution towards logistics. Your donation will be used to fund the balance of the costs of logistics, equipment, fuel, QSL cards,Highways,Ferrys,ancillary equipment, shipping, equipment insurance together with Customs and other essential paperwork.


Thanks for your contribution!!       

Lampedusa 2013Team